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Story Market Year
“Rewind” Flash Fiction Online 2015
Baker’s Dozen: 13 Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories on Kindleon Smashwords 2012
“The Scrapper and the Saint Bernard” Galactic Creatures anthology 2012
“Chasers” (audio) Escape Pod 2012
“Excuse Me” Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: Flush Fiction 2012
“ZFL” Every Day Fiction 2011
“Ten Seconds” Daily Science Fiction 2011
“Not Rats” Untied Shoelaces of the Mind Anthology 2011
“Leech Run” (audio) Escape Pod 2011
“Leech Run” Zero Gravity 2010
“The Drake’s Eye” Every Day Fiction 2010
“Poison Inside the Walls” Writers of the Future XXVI 2010
“Brother Goo” Beyond Centauri vol. 27 2010
“How Quickly We Forget” Best of Every Day Fiction Two 2010
“How Quickly We Forget” Every Day Fiction 2009
“Excuse Me” The Rejected Quarterly 2009
“Faerie Belches” Spaceports & Spidersilk 2008
“Occupational Dogma” The Drabbler 2006
“Blood of a Soldier” Aoife’s Kiss 2005
“Chasers” Triangulation 2004 2004
“In or Out” NFG 2003
“Decisions, Decisions!” The Fifth Di… 2001?

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