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A couple quick odds and ends

February 28, 2009

The neat thing about having a story in the BU slush at Baen’s Bar is the chance to rewrite a story based on the feedback it receives, then just toss it back out there.  I’ve been rewriting “Leech Run” based on some fairly harsh criticism, much more to the point than Critters has ever been.  I am fairly happy with the rewrite except for the one transition paragraph I need to rework to get rid of the lies.  (I didn’t mean to lie, but the story flowed better that way.)  I hope to have the rewrite posted there Monday.

While exploring other writer’s blogs, I discovered a post from someone exclaiming his delight at being selected for the Clarion workshop.  I was a bit dejected seeing as I haven’t heard anything yet and the submission deadline has not quite arrived.  It got me very nervous, twitchy.  Then I reread the post and discovered it was from two years ago.  😐  It felt sheepish.  I hadn’t realized how much I was counting on being accepted.  I may not be and I know it.  I just need to receive my official verdict so I can move on with planning my life…or at least my summer.

That’s all for now.  More soon.


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