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Little Things

February 28, 2010

This is still the same blog it was last week.  My dashboard hasn’t changed, the domain name, title, and theme.  Old links still come to this site.  So why did I lose my existing OpenID information?  Grrr.

On the upside, I cleaned up the workshop page and I think it’s a lot cleaner looking than before, thanks in large part to the easy image saving my new PowerPoint provides.  Heck, the old PowerPoint might have done the same without me knowing.  But it made altering images a lot easier than what I was doing.  Of course my wife can do about anything I need done to a picture with all her photography software, but I like to do things myself.  You can see the difference between me doing things and her doing things by checking out her site. She’s so professional.

What else?  My bio is ready to be sent to WotF.  Maybe I’ll do that when I finish this post.  I also cleaned up the links, removing some blogs I no longer frequent from the blogroll and combining some categories.  I’d like to expand some sections, too, particularly Pros and Friends, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

I regret that I removed the link to Jordan Lapp’s blog because he hasn’t updated it since November.  He still has a great page dedicated to WotF links.  But with the subtractions come additions, one anyway.  Welcome to the blogroll, Clint.  I’d tell everyone about Clint, but you could just read his blog instead.

As I was setting up my new domain, I realized it was last February when I started this blog.  Just a year, twelve and a half months ago I recorded my first blog post.  (Okay, I had done a couple at MySpace, but no one read them.)  It’s interesting to see how little has changed.  The two stories in the post are still making the rounds and I’m still waiting to hear about Clarion.

Soeaking of Clarion, the deadline for both Clarion-SD and Clarion West is tomorrow!  (March 1st, that is.)  Just a friendly heads up.  If you get started applying electronically before say 10PM tomorrow, you’ll probably still get the app in on time.  (Don’t miss the invitation code for Clarion-SD on the screen after you pay the application fee.  I did.)

So the true waiting begins.  You can tell the time is getting close because the CW forum has gotten busy again.  It’s my goal to get all three of my pending stories finished and mailed out before I get my Clarion news.  I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t, but it’s my little goal.  One to Triangulation, two others yet to be determined.  I also need to get my Q1 story mailed out elsewhere…haven’t done that yet.  So lots to do.  I think I’ll get started.

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