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Audible Offer through ISBW

February 17, 2011

Recent episodes of Mur Lafferty’s podcast I Should Be Writing were sponsored by audiobook provider Audible.  ISBW is a podcast that all wannabe fiction writers should familiarize themselves with, but that’s not the point of this post.  The point today is that you can get a free audiobook download from Audible with a free trial offer.

I love audiobooks.  I can read and drive at the same time.  How cool is that?  I use my commute time to “read” whenever I can.  So I was drawn to this Audible offer and used it to snag a free audiobook of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.  It’s immensely popular and supposedly quite good, so it seemed a good choice.  It’s eccellently read (performed, really) by Simon Vance who also read Dune (with help from other voice talents), an audiobook I got from iTunes a while back.  Good reader.  GwtDT has been good so far.  Unabridged, of course, so some of the descriptions get lengthy, but good.  Detective-type stories tend to make good audiobooks.

My intention was to get my free download and then dump the audible account before I started getting charged for it, a perfectly legitimate use of a trial offer.  I didn’t want to pay $16 a month for one audiobook a month.  Not a terrible deal, in the long run, but I didn’t really want to pay it.  So I got GwtDT and set about cancelling.  The site asked me why and I chose the “reducing expenses” option since it fit the best.  So the site made a counter-offer: three months membership for under $8 a month, still one download a month and a discount on other purchases.  $8?  I do like my audiobooks…  I took the deal.

I now have an index card taped to my monitor reminding me to cancel in May.  If I get sufficient use out of the membership, I may rethink that.  That’s why they offer it, I guess.

Make sure you go by http://audiblepodcast/isbw for our free audiobook! And check out I Should Be Writing, too.

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