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ConCarolinas: Day 2

June 5, 2011

This day can be summarized in a single word: Magical. In two words: Magical Words.

Most of the writers involved in the Magical Words blog are here and I spent most of the day stalking hanging out with them. They are all such great people to talk with and they get along with each other wonderfully. They made up an entire panel about creating a web presence as an author that was informative and really fun. Then they skittered off to lunch with 25 of us tagging along. The restaurant was less than thrilled to see us, but service was good and company was great. There was also a party in their honor that night which reminded me fondly of the Locus party at WotF. I’ll do a full post on the Magical Words crew when I get back home.

I also managed to partake in a guilty pleasure: a Dr. Horrible’ Sing-along Blog sing-along.  I LOVE Dr. Horrible! Neil Patrick Harris is brilliant. It was cool (and a bit scary) to have a room full of people singing the songs and spewing lines at the top of their lungs, not unlike a viewing of Rocky Horror (only less lingerie). It was a moment with “my people”.  Fun fun fun, even if I did have to endure the musical episode of Buffy before hand.

It’s Sunday morning now and I just finished my Rooty Tooty at IHOP. Time to wrap this con up. See you on the flipside.

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