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Look for Me on Boxing Day

November 24, 2011

The day after Christmas, a time where people sit around the house and decompress.  A perfect day to read a story from Daily Science Fiction.  At least I’m hoping so since that’s the day my story “Ten Seconds” is scheduled to be released.   It’s a fun little piece starring some middle grade students.  Another flash, but I’ve gotten pretty decent at writing those.

“Ten Seconds” marks my sixth publication of a story 1000 words or less; seventh if you count “Not Rats” which was originally flash then edited to longer.  Quite a ratio of flash to other.  It explains why I’m having so much trouble writing longer stuff.

I’m currently tapping away at a novelette-length piece, that steampunk story I keep mentioning.  I’d be a lot further with it if some personal stuff hadn’t come up and derailed my life.  Nothing I want to talk about, but a definite life-changing moment I’d sooner forget.  Anyway, after that it’s back to my festival-of-the-naked-man novel (title still pending, but I’m leaning toward Naked).  The NaNoWriMo time travel novel has been pretty much abandoned for life plus twenty.  I’m thinking of following Naked with a revision of my very first completed story, a fantasy novel of the ripping-off-Harry variety.  There’s Codex’s Weekend Warrior contest in there somewhere — January, I think — which means bucketloads of new flash to play with.

Yeah, writing has slowed down for me of late but it’s far from abandoned.  It’s not even 10:30 yet, maybe I should go get a few hundred more words into my steampunk story.

Happy Thanksgiving.  (Or to those not under the Stars and Stripes, Happy Thursday.)

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