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Where to find me

April 7, 2009

Someone asked me recently where they could find some of my published stories.  I started to recommend this blog, but then remembered that I have no stories here.  More importantly, I have no references or links to anyplace my work can be found.  What was I thinking?

What I was thinking was that most of my work has been published to e-zines that clear out their stock to make room for new stories.  The old stuff isn’t out there to be found.  Most of it, anyway.

So what can be found?  Just a few odds and ends, mostly.

  • triang04-coverThe PARSEC (Pittsburgh SF consortium) anthology Triangulation 2004 includes my story “Chasers”.  The story deals with  generational colony ships and the people on the destination side thatrefuel them for deceleration.  I wonder if maybe I should have submitted this story to WotF instead?  I got a decent paycheck out of it (the most I’ve ever gotten for a story), but maybe I could have done more with it.  I recently cleaned it up a little and intend to find a reprint market for it.  This anthology is obscure enough that I suspect reprinting could be a realistic hope.
  • nfg2-cover_tnThe long defunct magazine NFG ran my super-short story “In or Out” in its second issue.  It was part of their clever but crudely named “Great 69er Contest” which consists of stories that are exactly — you guessed it — sixty-nine words long.  I end up reading this story to my students a lot, but they never get it.  This was, however, the source of my only reviews, positive ones at that.  I can’t find archives of those, sorry.
  • drabbler6I actually double-sold versions of my employment-line story “Occupational Dogma”; one to Eggplant Literary Productions (which caved before printing) and one to The Drabbler issue 6, a flash fiction magazine of 100-word stories put out by my friends over at Sam’s Dot Publishing.  Sam’s Dot has published several other stories of mine, all electronically and gone.  They’re good folks.  Check them out.

I don’t know that I am archived anywhere else that doesn’t require a membership password (those are all works-in-progress in critique areas, not published).  You can bet I’ll link to any new publications here.


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