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goal update

May 2, 2009

I have good news and bad news on the goal front. Good news: I accomplished every one of my school-related goals. Even those pesky tests are finished (don’t ask how they did…*shudder*). Bad news: Not one of my personal goals was accomplished. The kitchen looks better, “Secondhand Rush” is in the middle of an overhaul that might well cut the first couple thousand words (see my next post for details), moles are alive and well, invisible fence is still a worthless underground wire, and the laundry has claimed my bedroom in the name of its king. Most unhappily, not one word of new story has been written. I can use my real job as an excuse again, but the jobby-type job is not going away. I have to do better. I don’t have to do better every week, but my aims were low and I did not achieve them.

Next week will be better after Tuesday.  I’ll even be able to do a bit of writing at school (don’t tell my principal).  My mother and grandmother are coming to visit next weekend, followed by my best friend’s bachelor party. And then: Mother’s Day.   Some combo, huh?  I’ll be bipolar by the end, possibly even schizophrenic.  But that basically gives me seven days to clean the house for Nana (who will try to clean for me if it’s not perfect…clean her way).  We’ll see.  But I vow, writing will be accomplished.

(Drat!  Ended in passive voice!)

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