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Ahhh, indoors is nice

June 25, 2010

I am back from camping!  Hooray.  I got less writing than usual done, but I spent a lot of time prewriting.  My novel was stalled and I was unhappy with the depth (or lack thereof) of my characters, so I dropped a few bucks on a novel writing ebook.  I’ll discuss the specifics in another post once I finish with it.  It helped me explore my characters and find new life.  I think I added one chapter, rewrote a bunch, and convinced myself I need to do some massive deletions (from chapters that come later than the one I added–it was a squeeze in).  All in all I call it a productive writing escape.

I also picked up two books from a discount shop.  The one on screenwriting seems to focus more on basic story construction and less on the technique of actually writing for the screen, so I’m bummed about that purchase.  The other book is a re-re-reprinting of a second edition of a military strategy book.  Big score there.  I got through the chapter on the Greeks and was gasping for air by the pace it covered, which is exactly the type of overview I really wanted.  It may be a little light on detail, but I can google the details if I need to delve deeper into something specific.  All in all, four bucks well spent (between the two).

I’m very tired and want to go back to cleansing my DVR.  More soon.  Ah, internet.  How I missed thee.

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