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A Writerly Update

August 13, 2011

Distracted as I am by the countdown and launch of the school year, I find myself pushing writing to the background. Even good news is being tossed to the wind (Twitter, Facebook, whatnot) and left to drift without much attention. So here’s an update.


Poop. Technical difficulties truncated my multi-paragraph post to near nothing.  And I had links all through it.  Not happy.  Let’s try again.

The big news is that Daily Science Fiction just accepted a flash piece called “Ten Seconds”.  Happy.  DSF is a market I’ve wanted to break into for a while now.

“Leech Run” has received mostly positive comments at Escape Pod.  There is some debate over the quality of the read (which I am fond of) and a few folks that were less than fond of Titan’s character, but most people seemed to enjoy the story for the thrilling blockbuster it was meant to be.  (That’s right, blockbuster.  You Hollywood types listening?)

“Not Rats” is still scheduled to be in the Untied Shoelaces of the Mind Anthology, which was pushed back but should be out within a month or so.  Both those stories came from the Codex Weekend Warrior flash fiction contest.  Clearly worth doing again.

Another flash piece that I wrote during the Weekend Warrior contest but was not an entry got a rewrite request from Every Day Fiction, a little flash zine I am friendly with.  I rewrote the one little bit that (understandably) bothered them and now I suspect the rewrite will be accepted.  Small money, but a fun zine.

I have a few others out there: a steampunk story to an invitation-based antho that has fewer openings than previously anticipated, a zombie story that’s been lost in an editor’s shuffle, an old sale hoping for new life as an audio reprint, a zany story at a new and mysterious market.  They all have chances; none will stagger me if rejected.

All in all, a lot of good going on in my writing world.  I need to push more stories out of the stable so even more good can happen.  My cover letters are getting more impressive: WotF, Escape Pod, DSF.  I’m starting to feel like a real writer; makes me want to get back to that novel I’m supposed to be working on.  Where did I leave that thing?

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