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Back in the Saddle

December 19, 2012

On December 1st I sent out a short story.  No great feat, but it was the first I’d sent in a long time.  Since July.  I guess I hadn’t been subbing because I hadn’t been creating.  It’s been a slow year for me.  So sending off this story — a flash piece that had been sitting near-finished on my hard drive — was a good step.  My next step will be to finish that $#!++% steampunk story and send it out.  And get the other half of my NaNo novel written.

The story currently under submission is into round 2 and I hope to hear something around year’s end.  If it sells, it will be pro sale #3 and the payment will slip through my grasp and into the SFWA coffers.  I’m trying not to get ahead of myself (an issue I’m battling left and right these days), but I am hopeful.  Mostly it just feels good to have some suspense as a writer again.  Will it sell/won’t it sell?  Yeah, that’s the stuff.


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