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Con Time

January 23, 2013

ChattaCon is this weekend.  I haven’t blogged about it but I’ve been looking forward to it for months.  I’m doing two panels Saturday and an autograph session Sunday, but otherwise I’m chilling with old friends and making new ones.  ChattaCon is a laid back kind of Con with a lot of social and a little business.  Very little.  Trust me when I tell you that I could really use some social time with “my people”.

In other news — rather, non-news — I’m still waiting to hear from DSF on my latest sub NwR.  The story is a Codex flash contest creation from last year.  As it turns out, the same contest is going on right now.  I’ve written 3 stories, gotten meh reviews on two and I’m yet to see the scores on the third.  I love kicking the year off with this contest because it gives me stuff to submit and tinker with all year long.

I have some big changes coming in my life.  Nothing I’m ready to talk about yet, but significant stuff.  Some pretty upsetting, some a little exciting.  Amid all that, anything that brings me back to focusing on writing and SF is very welcome.  A con will go a long way to improving my calm.  And a short story sale would do wonders, too.  With luck, this weekend could be a windfall of good vibrations for me.  At the very least, it’ll be fun.

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